Part-Time Entrepreneurs Need to Be Empowered

Part-Time Entrepreneurs Need to Be Empowered

You finally did it. You launched a business you feel passionate about.

Now comes the hard part.

A new Intuit survey found that 53 per cent of new businesses in Canada — those in operation less than three years — are run by part-time entrepreneurs.

If you are one of these part-time start-ups, you’re living your entrepreneurial dream on the side.

You are juggling a range of priorities as you work to create the new ideas, products, services, and jobs that our economy relies on.

Trying to build your business is demanding; doing it while spending the majority of your time working for someone else presents a unique challenge.

According to Industry Canada, survival rates for small and medium-sized businesses decline over time. About 85 per cent of businesses that enter the marketplace survive for one full year yet only 51 per cent survive for five years. 04/03/2014

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