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Part Time Work Ideas and Simple Strategies

Part Time Work at Home

Part time work ideas are great. We can find part time work from home.  Or we can find weekend part time work. I currently work full time from home. But I also work part time at home in starting a business. Here are some free helpful tips in Part Time Work from Home:

Part Time Work Ideas?

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Part time Work Ideas                                                   Part time Work Ideas
People are losing their jobs and can’t even find part time work. What would you do if
you suddenly lost your job and could not find another one? Don’t think that it can’t
happen to you. Would you be able to survive?
Getting multiple part time jobs will add up to wasted time. If you have a regular 40
Hour Work week, and looking for a 10-20 Hr. part time job, then you are just putting
yourself in a deeper hole. Think more like a business online:

Some Jobs from Part Time Work at Home –

Desk Top Publisher- Data Entry
– Writer
– Customer service
– Analyst
– Website Design
– Internet Marketing

Before Working from Home, I first worked as an appraiser. I was later offered to work as a review appraiser and I now work full time from home.

Start looking for part time work from Home:
“Reality: More People Requested Emergency Food Assistance Than Found Jobs”

By Mac Slavo 10/8/12

How to Find Part Time Work

People are losing their jobs

The realty is that everything in your life can change in just one single day. Because you are living a middle class lifestyle does not mean that you will be in the same position a year from now. Consider part time work to learn a new skill or create a Plan B.
People are losing their jobs and can’t even find part time work. What would you do if you suddenly lost your job and could not find another one and not even part time work? Don’t think that it can’t happen to you. Would you be able to survive such changes in your career?
If you still have a full time job and are not looking for part time work, you have inflation. Gasoline is going higher and so is everything else. How can you keep up? Regardless, you still need to look for part time work.

Here are some Ideas for Part Time Work from Home:

Using Adsense on your webpages as Part Time Work at Home
I have several webpages, and there are many easy ways to start them. One of the easier website
builders is Weebly and there are free versions. There are low cost hosting providers such as If you have passion(s), like I do, I have turned them into a part time business, by creating
webpages, ranking them, and placing Adsense Ads, just like this page.
Honestly, it took me three years of weekends to master webbuilding, but now I make a few thousand
dollars a month in Adsense revenue.
Currently, I’m building a simple Adsense Ebook Program for Free, but will take some time to make, and I will put it on

Great Books to start a Part time Business:
Rich Dad Poor Dad,
by Robert T. Kiyosaki
The Millionaire Fastlane, by MJ DeMarco

Articles about part time work:
Teleworking: The myth of working from home
Yahoo has banned its staff from “remote” working. After years of many predicting working from home as the future for everybody, why is it not the norm?By Margaret Ryan, 27
February 2013 BBC. Read More
Can you be part-time and powerful?
A part-time executive has been hired to revive Marks and Spencer’s clothing lines. By Anna Browning 13 May 2013 BBC. Read More
Meet 10 powerful women (and men) working part-time
Timewise, a part time-only jobs site for professional workers, last year revealed the UK’s Power Part Time Top 50 – the best, inspirational examples of people working at a
senior level and part-time in Britain. By Louisa Peacock, 08 May 2013, Telegraph. Read More
Part Time Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents
The good news is that there are many part time career options that give stay at home parents the power to earn and create a balanced family life. By Tess C. Taylor, PHR,
PayScale, May 16, 2013. Read More
8 Lucrative Part-Time Jobs
Here are eight jobs that might allow you to cover all your expenses working half the time. By Jada A. Graves Money. Read More
10 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home
Working from home is typically seen as an alternative to jobs that require you to work from an office or outside location. Part-time work-from-home jobs are a great way to earn
extra cash during your free time at home. By AOL Jobs Contributor Posted Feb 4th 2009. Read More
Reality: More People Requested Emergency Food Assistance Than Found Jobs
By Mac Slavo, 10/8/12-
Why rise in part-time employment does not explain U.S. jobless rate decline
By Ellen Freilich 8/9/12 Reuters-
10 part-time jobs for retirees
By Jennifer Lawler,
“At 46,681,833 million the persons hooked on SNAP, the July numb er crossed the previous record posted a short month b efore, as the foodstamp curve continues ‘plumb ing’
newer and greater heights each month.”
“Especially interesting is that each of the last three Septemb ers saw similar surges in the Part Time for Economic Reasons statistic and that the size of the Septemb er 2012
increase was similar in size to the previous three Septemb ers when nothing particularly noteworthy occurred to the unemployment rate.”
“Seasonal or part-time work can help stretch a retirement b udget. You might b e surprised to see where such opportunities can b e found — and how many qualifications you

What is Part Time Work
Part Time Work in the United states is defines as working between 1 and 35 hours
per week. Part- Time Work is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per
week than full time work. Full Time work is typically more than 40 hours. Employees
are considered to be part time if they work fewer than 40 hours per week.
Reasons for getting Part Time Work from Home
There are numerous reasons for working part time:
-The need to make more money
-Unable to get full time work
-Desire to learn a new trade
-Retired or bored and need to do something with life, instead of watching TV.

Reasons for employers to offer Part Time Work
-The business is growing and can’t commit tofull time workers
-Business hours are limited to a few hours of work-like a restaurant that is only
opened at night.
-The most common reason in the US to offer part time work is to limit benefits.
Negatives of Part Time Work
Taking on part time work can prevent you from collecting unemployment benefits or
shrink your unemployment.
Part Time Work at Home vs Going to College
Forget about going to a university. An apprentice job is better than most colleges.


Jobs Available (Part Time Work from Home)
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